Open source mapping tools built by The Wall Street Journal.


A JavaScript library for creating beautifully simple maps in seconds.

Live example


  • Map settings are stored in a simple JSON format and can be generated using Pinpoint Editor.
  • Fully responsive with touch-friendly "click-to-activate" behaviour.
  • Powered by the awesome Leaflet.js.


Add Leaflet, Leaflet Minimap, pinpoint.js, pinpoint.css and <div id="map-el"></div> to your page.

Then use this to create a new instance of Pinpoint:

var map = new Pinpoint({
    "lat": 51.5049378,
    "lon": -0.0870377,
    "zoom": 3,
    "aspect-ratio": "wide",
    "markers": [{
        "lat": 51.5049378,
        "lon": -0.0870377,
        "text": "London"

Full documentation available on GitHub.

Pinpoint Editor

A self-hosted web app for creating and editing Pinpoint maps.

What it looks like


  • Simple user interface allows maps to be created in seconds.
  • Flexible Angular app with Node backend.
  • Built-in support for uploading JSON data files to Amazon S3.


  • A node.js server
  • A PostgresSQL database
  • NPM and Bower for installing dependencies
  • (optional) Amazon S3 to host data

Installation instructions and full documentation available on GitHub.